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How to Order Your Turf


Cheshire Lawn Turf is supplied in rolls.
Each roll is 2.5M long x 40cm wide = 1 square metre.
Try and gather as many dimensions as you can, particularly if the garden is an awkward shape. Let us know and we we will work out how much you need.

How to Order Your Top Soil


Cheshire Topsoil is sold by the tonne.
It can be supplied as a loose tipped load or in bulk bags.
Typically, 1 tonne of topsoil covers an area of 5M2 at 100mm depth.
There are two main types to consider when ordering.
1. Border Soil - Loam based topsoil for new plantings of trees and shrubs.
2. Turfing Soil - Screened topsoil blended with grit for preparing the base for a new lawn.


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